Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You're Doing It Wrong: Re-learning 1st Edition

I'm loving this old-school renaissance I seem to be having over the last two weeks.  However, in the process of relearning 1st Edition, I'm realizing how many things I did wrong as an adolescent.

I'm working on the first installment of the Against the Dark Lord series of OSRIC modules and the progress is slow, largely because statting 1st edition is a world apart from 4th edition.  Thanks to David Prata's ADDICT reference (available on the Knights & Knaves website), I've realized that I was doing it all wrong.

The original initiative rules as written were COMPLETELY foreign to me.  I had always played with a d10 modified by the reaction roll from your Dexterity modifying it.  A d6 roll?  Minimal modifiers?  All actions taking place at once?

Damn.  All these years.  I was doing it wrong.