Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rogue's Gallery: Monahan Grutain (OSRIC)

Okay, so there was a blog about rolling back to a previous edition of game rules if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by splatbooks.  I decided to take 5 Stone Games up on their challenge.  The only modern OSR set I have on my laptop is OSRIC, and I didn't feel like investigating others to see if they were available for download.  That's for another day.

I rolled up a strict character--3d6 in order of abilities.  No tweaking the bell curve with 4d6 drop 1 or placing the stats where I wanted them.  WOW.  I forgot how harsh that could be.  Thanks the a 6 Wisdom requirement, my character with a 15 Strength could not qualify for fighter.  In fact, the only class and non-human race I qualified for was Half-Elf Thief.  Looking at the stats, I've got a reasonably likable fool with a penchant for getting sick, even though he is built like a brick shithouse.  I named him after a guy who plays LFR in Colorado Springs that no one really likes, because I see this guy being not too loved by the local underground community.  He's a little dim and has the worst decision-making skills out there.  On top of that, he's not terribly good at thievery.  I reckon he'd be adventuring by default, having been encouraged to leave the local guild community.  Since he's got a decent (which is to say average) Charisma, I'm thinking they pity him more than hate him and just made him leave town.

NOT at all heroic.  Wow. I made a pathetic character.  Maybe that's what will make him heroic.  In SPITE of his mental shortcomings, he manages to become a hero and show those around him the true meaning of friendship and love.  Yes, I made the D&D equivalent of Forrest Gump.


Here are the idiot's stats:

Monahan Grutain
Male Half-Elf Thief Level 1 Age 29
Str 15, Dex 9, Con 7, Int 8, Wis 5, Cha 10

Armor Class 8
Hit Points 6
Alignment True Neutral

Attribute Effects
+20 Encumbrance, 2 in 6 Minor Strength Tests, 7% Major Strength Tests, 60% Survive Resurrection, 55% Survive System Shock, 1 Additional Language, -1 Mental Saving Throw Bonus, 4 Henchmen Maximum

Racial Abilities:
30% resistance to sleep and charm spells, Detect secret doors 2 in 6, concealed doors 3 in 6 when searching, Detect concealed doors 1 in 6 when passing within 10’, Infravision 60’, Movement Rate 120 ft.

Thief Abilities:
Backstab (+4 to hit, double rolled damage (modifiers unchanged)), Climb Walls 80%, Find Traps 10%, Hear Noise 10%, Hide in Shadows 15%, Move Quietly 0%, Open Locks 20%, Pick Pockets 30%, Read Languages 1%

Languages: Common, Thieves’ Cant

Weapon Proficiencies: 2

Saving Throws:
Aimed Magic Items 14, Breath Weapons 16, Death, Paralysis, Poison 13, Petrification, Polymorph 12, Spells 15

20 hits AC 1 through -4

Thieves’ Tools
Leather Armor
Long Sword
Damage 1d8 (s/m) 1d12 (l), encumbrance 7