Monday, August 23, 2010

Dungeon Shopping Network: The Macrame Vest of Ur-Quall

As I take a pause from the first installment of the Dark Lord series to rethink how I stat low-level OSR encounters (doing a quick run-though resulted in a TPK--it's been a while), I'll shift gears to an open call for artifacts on Jeff's Gameblog.

Many ages ago, when life was much less civilized, there was a magic user of mediocre ability and dubious social skill named Ur-Quall.  Hated by his fellow tribesmen, but kept around for his magic, Ur-Quall's longing for acceptance transcended his mortal form.  When Ur-Quall was finally felled by a well-aimed rock to the head (history has not been able to determine if it was a rival tribe or his own), that longing proved so powerful it outlasted Ur-Quall's pitiful existence.  The vest that Ur-Quall always wore (it was a gift from his beloved mother) has proved to polarize opinions of its wearer (which is more than Ur-Quall ever got) as well provide a few minor effects.

The wearer of the vest is considered to have a permanent friends in effect at all times.  The effect is equivalent to the spell being cast by a 9th level Magic User.  The DM should keep a note of the effect on NPCs, as that effect is not different if they come under the vest's power again.  (For example, Jalil is wearing the vest and walks into the smithy of Vel-John.  Vel-John will make his save to see if Jalil's Charisma is raised or lowered and by how much.  This effect will continue every time Jalil wears the vest around Vel-John)

Once the vest is put on, only the death of the wearer or a dispel magic cast by a 9th-level Magic User or higher can allow the vest to be removed.

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