Friday, August 27, 2010

Traveller Sandbox: The Aaltonen Sector

I've been using Rob Conley's How to make a Traveller Sandbox to build a... Traveller Sandbox.  I'm actually getting a bit excited for it.  Last night, I finished Steps 1-9 and I already have a bunch of ideas for the Aaltonen Subsector.

The Aaltonen Subsector
I've got a paragraph on about 2/3-3/4 of the systems, and that really started to bring the subsector to life.  Two multi-system governments came out of the profiles--the sinister Aaltonenite Empire and the pampered and degenerate Mattilan Nation.  Both are controlled by charismatic dictators, Governor Axus Mulon of Aaltonen and Ilpo Yunis of Mattila.  While the economy of the subsector flows into the Aaltonen empire, so does the resentment.  Many Imperial nobles wonder how the Governor can slowly expand his personal domain throughout the sector without interference from the Empire.  In particular the rich planets Viitala and Jokelainen watch Aaltonen with considerable apprehension.

More to follow.