Sunday, August 29, 2010

Traveller Sandbox: A Patron

What follows is one of the patron encounters I've written for my sandbox.  It's the first one, so only 149 more to go!

Gul Muhammad, Tribal Guard (Kuusisto)
Players’ Information
While conducting some trade with one of the tribes, a guard clearly attempts to gain the intention of one of the characters.  The guard identifies himself as Gul Muhammad, aand he has a proposition for the characters.  He will reward them handsomely if they can get his sister off-world.  His family has arranged her marriage to “a savage.”  In order to spare his sister’s honor, he needs to get her off-world fast.  As it would be obvious who arranged it, he would need to come as well.
Referee’s InformationPerceptive characters will realize that Gul is being observed by many of the other guards.  Any of the players who appear to be conspiring with Gul will also be placed under scrutiny.
  1. Gul is on the level.  His sister is betrothed to the head of the tribe’s sadistic brother, who has a history of abusive behavior (even by Kuusisto standards) towards his wives, many of which do not survive through their first anniversary.
  2. Gul really does not approve of his sister’s marriage, even though she is in love with her betrothed, who is actually a decent, upstanding member of the tribe.  Neither Gul’s sister nor her betrothed will take kindly to the abduction.
  3. The players are not rescuing Gul’s sister.  Gul has been having an illicit affair with the Tribal Chief’s favored wife.  They believe they may have been discovered and the off-worlders provide their best chance for survival.
  4. As above, but it’s the Chief’s daughter, who is promised to one of the Chief’s champions.
  5. As above, but the daughter does not want to go with Gul.
  6. No one wants to go off-world.  This was an elaborate test by the tribe to see if the characters respect their traditions and beliefs.
I look to some of you grognards to give me some feedback!