Saturday, August 28, 2010

Traveller Sandbox: A Sample of Worlds...

Work continues on the Sandbox I'm making for Traveller.  Unfortunately, thanks to FFE and Mongoose's rather strict policies governing fair use, I won't be able to distribute the finished product, even for free, as it is set in the Original Traveller Universe and NOT in the Foreven Sector.

I'm not pleased with this, because I think I'm on to some interesting storylines which others would be able to benefit from.  Still, the rules are the rules, and I'll just have a pretty awesome sandbox for players if I can convince them to play Traveller when I move back to PA in November.

If someone can provide insight that will give me a chance to share my creation with the world, please let me know.  I've debated putting it in context of MegaTraveller, which then puts it into the non-commercial Fair Use Policy of FFE, but I'm not sure if MT counts as OTU as far as Mongoose's policies go.  Of course, that means I need to buy the MT CD from FFE.  It's not like I haven't already bought a ton of the reprint CDs as it is.

Anyway, here are a few of the worlds in my sandbox.  In future TS posts, you can expect to see one of two of my subsector-wide plotlines and maybe about a dozen of my Patron Encounters.  That'll be about it, I fear.

Aaltonen (0406) A5466AB-A (Ag, Ga, Ni) - Scout Base, TAS, Imperial Consulate
Population: 6,000,000
Other Faction:  Significant Impersonal Bureaucracy

The seat of the Subsector Governor and self-styled Emperor Axus Mulon, Aaltonen is largely left to the system’s self-serving and inefficient bureaucracy while Axus focuses on expanding his empire.  As both a political and trade nexus, people from all over the subsector and beyond are present, but kept in a very small area near the starport.  Movement within Aaltonen is strictly controlled by methods of authorization and paperwork which even natives have difficulty understanding.

Ahmadi (0503) B432487-8 (Ni, Po) - Scout Base, TAS
Population: 60,000
Other Factions: Obscure Anarchists, Fringe Corporation

The company that founded Ahmadi has long since faded into obscurity, leaving behind a bureaucratic machine which is well meaning, if not always the most competent government.  This has led to two rival factions who have not gained too much traction as life is relatively comfortable--those who believe the colony should sell out to a megacorporation (Volkmarr GmbH and Koehl AG are both seeking to “invest”) and those who believe in complete anarchy and self-rule.

Bjorkberg (0405) B543564-9 (Ni Po) - TAS
Population: 600,000
Other factions: Minor Representative Democracy, Significant Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy

Bjorkberg is firmly under the thumb of the Aaltonenite Empire, and as it is not one of the wealthier possessions, its citizens are among the least-respected in the Empire.  This resentment has driven members of the population to chafe under the Aaltonenites, the majority of those dissenting returning to the ancient faiths of their people.  The leaders of the faith, long used to the rigid caste system allowing them free reign look to use the Bjorkberger sense of tradition to mobilize against Aaltonen.  A small, but growing, minority have realized that civilizations do not need castes and seek to bring democracy to Bjorkberg.

Bohui (0301) B653164-A (Lo, Po) - Naval Base
Population: 50

This miserable planet is home to three things:  A star port, an Imperial naval base and an Imperial maximum security prison.  Natives are typically the children of the employees of the prison or naval brats.  Native Bohuians are an incredibly honest and honorable people, who despise liars and criminals.