Thursday, May 19, 2011

LotFP Sandbox: First Game Down!

The cover generated a lot of positive buzz...
Well, last night I was happy to start my new sandbox with the crew at the School of Visual Arts in Stroudsburg, PA.  The response was spectacular.  The Grindhouse Edition's art was an immediate hit. As the Rules and Magic books sat on the table as I ran, the players both made constant remarks about how cool the cover was and how it evoked a very different feel than any other game they've played.  And as cool as snake-tits is, I am in agreement with my table that the image on my right rocks.

I only had two players show up, but more assure me they will move over when the other game that night hits a good stopping point.  So, taking Zak's advice to write the world after the first adventure and make that adventure POP, I had our dynamic duo wake up in a dungeon.  We had a fighter and a magic-user.  The guy who was playing the magic-user loved the fact that the spell list avoids the cliches of fireball and lightning bolt.  The lady playing the fighter loved the fact that she will kick more ass at combat than any other non-fighter in the game.  They both loved that I gave them the skill points as if they were Specialists.

Yeah, so, they woke up in a dungeon.  A dungeon whose owners have dabbled in things which should not be dabbled with and something has gone wrong.  In a manic escape filled with zombies, skeletons, insane cultists, and a desperate search for clothes and equipment, the PCs managed to get out shortly before the manor house of the decadent noble who hosted such abominations collapsed upon itself.  They made their way to a village where they were able to heal up and the session ended there.

What they loved the most was the simplicity of the system that comes from being a B/X clone, but the extra tweaks to make things so different.  The two players went over to the other table to eagerly talk up the game.  While that can make it look like I did a pretty good job, I'm going to give most of the credit to Raggi for his rules modifications to B/X.

One a side note, I took advantage of his sale of leftover Rules and Magic books and picked up two more.  The receipt I was emailed was very... well, just look at the picture above.