Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ratnyvarosh: Rules for NPCs (Part 2): The Expert Class

Experts are similar to commoners, with the exception of having a natural aptitude toward their chosen profession. Only individuals who are atypically strong, intelligent, wise, etc. qualify for this class. This aptitude is NOT in martial pursuits, simply the secondary skill areas. The warrior class is the appropriate class for combat-minded base-born NPCs.

Experts require a single score of 15 in the primary ability score of their initial skill. For example, for a blacksmith to utilize the expert class, they need a strength of 15.

Experts have the following abilities and restriction:
* Dual experience use
* Inability to receive ability score bonuses

Experts can gain proficiency in club, dagger, quarterstaff, scythe, sling, and spear. They begin the game with one weapon proficiency and earn a new one every five levels. They suffer a -6 penalty on “to hit” rolls with weapons they are not trained in. Experts are proficient in only leather or padded armor. Experts fight using attack column A and never advance in martial ability.

Table A-X: Expert Level Advancement
X.P. Level HP.
0 1 1d4
1001 2 2d4
2001 3 3d4
4001 4 4d4
8001 5 5d4
16001 6 6d4
32001 7 7d4
64001 8 8d4
128001 9 9d4
192001 10 9d4+1
252001 11 9d4+2
+64000 +1 +1

Dual Experience Use
As an expert gains experience (typically through the daily x.p. means, occasionally through the ill-advised adventure), they are able to use their x.p. earned to count towards both leveling and skill purchase. So, an expert who has just reached level 3 will also have 2,001 x.p. to spend on skills.

Inability to Receive Ability Score Bonuses

Experts have simply not developed the self-awareness to translate their natural abilities into benefits in combat. Experts do not receive melee “to hit” or damage bonuses from strength, positive magical attack adjustments from wisdom, initiative, missile “to hit”, or armor class bonuses from dexterity, or hit point bonuses from constitution. Experts with low scores, however, receive the penalties inherent.