Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ratnyvarosh: Designing the Rathole

So, I am continuing to work on my Ratnyvarosh project and have started the first "neighborhood" in the town: The Rathole. Clearly, this is not the upper crust.

While no part of the Undercity is anyone’s idea of pleasant, the Rathole, also known as the Asshole of Ratnyvarosh, is without a doubt the least desirable place to visit, let alone live. Still, this shadowy slum provides a very necessary service to the town: Illicit goods and flesh. The Drudge Market is the only market within the town where slaves can be openly purchased and along the Whorewalk you can satisfy all manner of carnal desires—with the exception of a classy courtesan (If you have to ask where to find those, you can't afford them).

Three groups vie for control of the Rathole. The Association of Procurement, a collection of pimps and madams, controls the majority of the town's prostitution activities through both the Upper and Lower Whorewalk. The Slaver’s Guild controls the Drudge Market and Dark Market section of the Rathole. A brutal gang of thugs known as the Rat Bastards terrorize the Rat Road and Bastard Lane.

When I get back to my apartment in NY tonight, I'll scan the detail map I made of the neighborhood and include it in a future post where I detail some of the establishments.

My plan right now is it detail 10% of the city's locations. My my estimate, it will be a little under 80. Some will be larger than others. That will give me the flexibility to add stuff as needed when I actually sit down to run the game. If this makes it to the production/distribution level, it allows whoever is using Ratnyvarosh to make it their own.

So, I'm thinking for each section it'll be: Loose background, some locations, some NPCs, and a few adventure seeds. Is there anything else people think should be on there?

At this point, I'm considering adapting it for +Joseph Bloch's Adventures Dark and Deep system. I've been enjoying 1e a little more lately, and I think it's the smoothest version out there.

As always, feedback is encouraged.