Monday, July 11, 2011

The Cube: Corporate Scumbags of Atlantis

So, I'm working on the Atlantis system for The Cube.  What started out as a rather nice tropical ocean world has turned into a pretty crappy system to live in.

First, the Atlantis planet itself is nice enough weather-wise, but lacks a lot of resources.  It's got a fairly high control rating (8) and a pretty low per-capita income (one of the more interesting things that GURPS Space generates that Traveller doesn't) thanks to a relatively low tech level.  Atlantis is, to this point, the only TL 9 planet in The Cube (I'm only halfway through the generation, mind you).  Some of the outlying colonies in the system have TL 8!!!  This relative economic depression and high control coming from a corporate state with little resources at its immediate disposal makes me think that the corporation controlling Atlantis are a bunch of folks who force their employees to live in relative squalor, refusing to upgrade necessary technologies and the like.  Small wonder Atlantis has a sizable terrorist base on it.

Atlantis (332-I) A88A618-9 (Ri Wa)