Monday, February 21, 2011

Greatholm: Wickster Town & The Surrounding Area

So, this past Wednesday, I started my Adventures Dark and Deep game through the NEPA Dungeons & Dragons Meetup group.  I may start a second one, and I'm considering a bi-weekly Skype game using those rules.  I'm digging what I'm reading so far and I want to see where I can take the game.  Anyway, the game Wednesday went well.  You can read the session writeup on the campaign's Obsidian Portal page.

In the mean time, I've been working on fleshing out the area.  Using Expeditious Retreat Press's Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe as a guideline, I started developing Wickster a lot more.  A lot of it is handwritten right now, so it'll take some time for me to translate it all into electronic copy, what I am offering is a more detailed map of the area the campaign is taking place in.  While there are no more details in it than the Greatholm map I posted last month, it's got lots of room for expansion.  Here is is:

If you'd like, feel free to use it.  You never know when a good map will come in handy.  Once again, I have to thank Inkwell for the outstanding Hexographer software.  It's a godsend for me.

Just to give you a little direction, the areas in red borders are land that belong directly to the owner, not the King.  Most of them are pretty clear who they belong to (The Duchy of Avonlea = The Duke of Avonlea), but there are two Church Lands which bear notice.  The Westleigh Archdiocese is the seat of the Church of the All-Father and the Starfall Protectorate is an "Area 51" of sorts, filled with heresies the good people of Greatholm have no need for.

You'll note Michael Curtis's Stonehell Dungeon on the map.  I don't know if the players will bite on it, but a megadungeon is there in case that's the direction the party wants to take.

As I add things to the Obsidian Portal page, I'll add it here as well, for those who are following Greatholm.