Saturday, January 29, 2011

Greatholm: A World Without Stars.

In Greatholm, the night sky is barren.  The Heavenly Aegis of The All-Father protects the good people of The World from the fell creatures that would come from the stars.  Only The All-Father's four sentinels -Byrdlung, Guthfugel, Lyftfloga, and Paloer - watch over us from the dark while the All-Father tends to his other children.
I was in my Astronomy class on Wednesday and we were talking about the basics of orbits and such and how the constellations appear to shift in the night sky due to the movement of the Earth on it's axis as well as its rotation around the Sun.  The professor mentioned some stars and it got me thinking of Raggi's interpretation of the Contact Other Plane spell in Lamentations of the Flame Princess.  Then I started thinking, "What would happen if there were something blocking the stars?" From there, the Aegis of The All-Father was born.  And just for fun, no moon.  Night is DARK.  The years are longer (almost twice as long as our years) and the seasons are harsher.  The summers are hot and the winters are FRIGID.  I'm excited about the direction Greatholm is taking.