Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rogue's Gallery: Five Against... Something (LotFP

So, now that I've read the Lamentations of the Flame Princess books, I want to see how it plays.  Since it's 2010 and there are plenty of distractions in Afghanistan, I'm going to be running through this myself with five characters I made up myself.  When I start a group in PA around November time, I'll have real players.  Maybe even a one-shot or two in Colorado in October.  Until then, you make do with JUST ME.
This will also give me a chance to talk about some of my thoughts on different parts of the system as its implemented.

Anyway, I rolled up five LotFP characters.  One of the things about the OD&D system is that you have a total blank canvas to work with.  Based on the stats and equipment I purchased, here is the party:

Luka Jojich, Fighter 3, Clumsy, Very Strong, Armor: Chain & Shield, Arms: Long Sword, Dagger
Grendel Goldenwood, Elf 2, Rude, Healthy, Armor: Leather & Shield, Arms: Long Sword, Dagger, Long Bow
Ulf Kjellson, Cleric 3, Personable, Healthy, Armor: Chain & Shield, Arms: Battle Axe
Predrag Begovich, Specialist 3, Nimble, Armor: Leather, Arms: Garrote, Long Sword, Light Crossbow
Snoggi Karlsson, Fighter 3, Strong, Armor: Chain, Arms: Great Axe

Looking at what we've got there, I started to think about cultures and the like for my sandbox.  I was eventually going to run these guys through Tower of the Stargazer as a test drive for the system, so I gave them each 4000xp, so the elf could be 2nd level.

I split the two human names into a more Slavic sounding names (yes, they are romanized.  I could have left the last names Đođić and Begović, but that's not too helpful to the more Western reader) and some of your more traditional RPG/Fiction Scandinavian names.  One thing I was thinking of putting in my sandbox was a native culture (represented by the -son names) and a more "civilized" culture colonizing the island (the -ich names).

Nothing was really popping yet with these characters.  Having a blank slate for setting doesn't help.  SO, I busted out GAZ7 - The Northern Reaches and rolled up some personality traits.

Luka: Rash, Proud, Courageous, Godless, Vengeful, Open-Minded
Grendel: Proud, Fearful, Godless, Very Vengeful, Lazy, Suspicious, Unreliable, Open-Minded
Ulf: Modest, Generous, Courageous, Very Reverent, Energetic, Trusting, Loyal, Dogmatic
Predrag: Violent, Greedy, Vengeful, Decietful, Open-Minded
Snoggi: Very Rash, Very Violent, Vengeful, Lazy, Suspicious

Clearly, this is the group that signals that the party has begun by throwing the keg of beer THROUGH the window of the Tavern.  Ulf is certainly the odd man out here.  Of course, he is the only Lawful character I generated.  I'm thinking he has hired these folks to explore the Tower.  That's what I'm going with.

So, with descriptions of the characters and filled out character sheets, I'm good to go for tomorrow when I run through Tower of the Stargazer.


Luka Jojich
Male Neutral Fighter 3, Age 19
Cha 11, Con 9, Dex 8, Int 10, Str 16, Wis 9
Hit Points: 21
Armor Class: 16 (melee), 17 (ranged), 15 (w/o shield), 15 (surprised)
Long Sword (+6 AB, 1d8 Damage), Dagger (+6 AB, 1d4 Damage)
Encumbrance: Heavy
Equipment: Backpack, Bedroll, Winter Clothing, Cookpots, Waterskin, 5 days Iron Rations

Grendel Goldenwood
Female Chaotic Elf 2, Age 169
Cha 6, Con 13, Dex 12, Int 9, Str 12, Wis 11
Hit Points: 10
Armor Class: 15 (melee), 16 (ranged), 14 (w/o shield), 14 (surprised)
Long Sword (+1 AB, 1d8 dmg), Dagger (+1 AB, 1d4 dmg), Long Bow (+1 AB, 1d6 dmg, range 50/600/900)
Encumbrace: Heavy
Equipment: Backpack, Bedroll, Winter Clothing, Tinderbox, 5 days Iron Rations
Spell Book: detect magic, light, read magic, ventriloquism

Ulf Kjellson
Male Lawful Cleric 3, Age 24
Cha 13, Con 13, Dex 9, Int 12, Str 11, Wis 12
Hit Points: 19
Armor Class: 17 (melee), 18 (ranged), 16 (w/o shield), 16 (surprised)
Battle Axe (+1 AB, 1d8 dmg)
Encumbrance: Heavy
Equipment: Backpack, Bedroll, Winter Clothes, 3 torches, Waterskin, 3 vials of Holy Water, 3 days Iron Rations, Silver Holy Symbol

Predrag Begovich
Male Neutral Specialist 3, Age 19
Cha 10, Con 11, Dex 14, Int 10, Str 10, Wis 11
Hit Points: 17
Armor Class: 15 (melee, ranged, without shield) 14 (surprised)
Garrote (+1 AB, 1d6 dmg), Long Sword (+1 AB, 1d8 dmg), Light Crossbow (+2 AB, 1d6 dmg, range 50/150/400)
Encumbrance: Heavy
Equipment: Backpack, Bedroll, Extravagant Clothing, Winter Clothing, Lantern, 2 vials Lamp Oil, Specialist's Tools, Tinderbox, Waterskin, Mallet, 2 Iron Spikes, 5 days Iron Rations
Specialist Abilities: Language 2, Sneak Attack 3, Stealth 2

Snoggi Karlsson
Male Neutral Fighter 3, Age 18
Cha 11, Con 10, Dex 11, Int 11, Str 14, Wis 12
Hit Points: 14
Armor Class: 16 (all the time)
Great Axe (+5 AB, 1d10 damage)
Encumbrance: Severe
Equipment: Backpack, Bedroll, Winter Clothes, 50' Rope, Tinderbox, Waterskin, 5 days Iron Rations, Bottle of Liquor, Steel Holy Symbol