Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ratnyvarosh: Rules for NPCs (Part 4): The Warrior Class

Warriors represent the common fighting man, inferior to the fighter and cavalier classes by a significant margin. Warriors are your standard hirelings, mercenaries, and soldiers. While warriors eventually become adequate combatants, they are still quite limited compared to the PC classes.

Warriors have the following special ability:
* Limited Ability Score Bonuses

Warriors require a minimum strength score of 8 and a minimum constitution score of 5. They can be of any alignment and use any armor. Warriors can gain proficiency in any weapon and can utilize any armor. They begin the game with two weapon proficiencies and earn a new one every four levels. They suffer a -3 penalty on “to hit” rolls with weapons they are not trained in. 

Table A-X: Warrior Level Advancement
X.P. Level HP. Attack
0 1 1d6 A
1000 2 2d6 A
2000 3 3d6 B
4000 4 4d6 B
8000 5 5d6 C
16000 6 6d6 C
32000 7 7d6 D
64000 8 8d6 D
128000 9 9d6 E
192000 10 9d6+1 E
256000 11 9d6+2 F
+64000 +1 +1 +1/2 levels

Limited Ability Score Bonuses

Warriors are in tune with themselves to the extent that they are able to use their full abilities in combat-related rolls. The Warrior can utilize the melee “to-hit” and damage bonuses from their strength score, the initiative and missile “to-hit” bonuses from their dexterity score, and the hit point bonuses from their constitution bonus (albeit at the non-fighter rate). They do not roll percentile dice when they have a strength score of 18. If their ability score is low enough to provide a penalty, the warrior must take that penalty.