Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random Musings

Nothing like this happened on Wednesday.
On Wednesday night, I had a wonderful time playing an online game with Zak and Mandy (of Playing D&D with Porn Stars and I Hit It With My Axe fame), Paul from Quickly, Quietly, Carefully, and Aberrant Hive Mind (who writes Symptoms of Radness), run by Mr. Lamentations of the Flame Princess himself, James Edward Raggi IV.  We were playtesting one of the new LotFP modules James will be releasing soon.  It's a good one.  Had me thinking of the old Warhammer Fantasy adventure Night of Blood, but it's nothing like it plotwise--the mood was there though.  Some of the old WFRP modules are totally in the vein of Weird Fantasy Role Playing (at least the old 1st Edition ones are...).

Anyway, it was a blast and I hope I can game with them again.  It definitely got me thinking about my own game and some of the things I want to work into it.

I picked up my books for next semester today.  In addition to Scott McCloud's great work, Understanding Comics, for my Graphic Novel class, I flipped through the book for my Social Psychology class and it looks like it'll have a lot of good stuff to work with over the long term for my game.  Psychology is one of those things I'm totally a geek over, so it makes sense that I'd work it into one of the other things I am totally a geek over--gaming.  Between Social Psychology and Theories of Personality this semester, expect a big rewrite of the Psychology rules I keep putting off finishing.