Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mongoose Traveller: Hard Times on the Solomani Rim: Session 03

Cast of Characters:
Baron Khoiayahelu (Aslan noble (Imperial rank is much greater than his Aslan standing) whose family's mismanagement of the family holdings has sent him travelling)
"Chrome" (Droyne Sport pilot who has been separated from his kin and finds new families among various merchant ships he works on)
Alex Cross, M.D. (Rough around the edges former technician who became a medical doctor)
Mihai Greenman (Perennial underdog. Former Marine, Arms Dealer, Broker, and Vagabond)
German Carrick (Incredibly popular baliset player who has been laying low the last couple of years)
Stanislas Kubik (Very old administrative assistant and steward)

The Story So Far:
While at Bailey, the crew of the Princess Diana were able to help out a soiled dove in distress, fighting off an overzealous fan of her fan dance act. They moved on to the Mercy system, where they encountered the tail end of a Solomani raid on the system. Afterward, they ended up helping out one of their passengers deal with a creepy neighbor.

The Session:
The session kicked off with an expedition into a debris field, where Dr. Cross and Chrome were able to secure some salvage--an old fuel system for a capital ship. The crew of the ship then made the jump to Uterobi. Upon arrival, they were immediately hailed by Port Authority and ordered to stand down at Heskott Station for a full inspection--ripping up floorboards, looking in panels, and leaving everything but the airframe touched. Meanwhile, Mihai attempted to find a buyer for the fuel system, to no avail. He was able to fill the Far Trader with lucrative high-passage tickets, however.

After turning down a job offer from a corporate psion, the crew took on a much more entertaining, albeit nowhere near as profitable, gig--drumming up business for a street musician. In order to announce the arrival of Terront Pace to the startown, they had him duel with the devil for the right to be the best musician around.

Just, in this case, "the devil" was Chrome in a wrestling singlet and luchador mask, attempting to play the baliset from the example shown by German on the last few jumps. Not much money was made, but plenty of talk was heard about the crazy new busker in the startown.

Another quick jaunt into the salvage arena allowed the crew to come into possession of some components, to include some couplings for capital ship batteries. The passengers were loaded on the Princess Di and off for Jackson they went.

What We Learned:
In some ways a less productive session, but all of us are starting to get the hang of the Mongoose Traveller economics subrules. We didn't have the Baron for this game, and German's player had to take off for a hockey game, so the players left weren't always the most conducive for some of the operations presented.

There were some events planned that didn't get triggered that could have been a big deal. The crew doesn't realize how lucky they are sometimes. ;)